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Website design




When I joined the HiChee team, the website had many inconsistencies and accessibility issues. Additionally, with only two designers, including myself, on the team, we were tasked with developing numerous new features requested by stakeholders.


Maintain website consistency and accessibility while also developing new features within tight time, budget, and staffing limits.

My role

My responsibilities involved redesigning website elements, creating new features, and addressing accessibility issues throughout the website.

( 01 ) Emphasize users

When I joined HiChee I conducted research on two distinct user groups: travellers and hosts.

The screenshots showcase both Persona and User Journey Map, offering a visual representation of our user-focused research and design process:

( 02 ) Define problems

Users face the challenge of efficiently choosing affordable and comfortable accommodations within a limited time.

To better understanding of our users and our competitors' strengths, weaknesses, and strategies I conducted a competitive audit:

( 03 ) Ideate solutions

I analyzed competitors and user research to brainstorm ideas for the redesign:

Competitive audit opportunities:

Navigation: add helpful filters at the top of the page so users can quickly see listings in specific categories.

Accessibility: add support for multiple languages, additional currencies, and a prominent 'Search by Location' button. Additionally, improve clarity and inclusivity by refining the 'Know More' button in the hosts section for a better experience, especially for users with disabilities

Engagement: Optimize user interaction by showcasing more articles such as 'Top Destinations' or 'Travel Ideas' for added engagement. Additionally, to display appealing listings upfront, allowing users to explore without navigating to other pages.

Visual design: Improve the look with high-quality and appealing pictures. Make content more engaging by changing videos to auto-playing GIFs or MP4s, as users often prefer shorter visuals.

Brand identity: highlight our independence as a platform, emphasizing our commitment to providing unbiased and unrestricted services.

User research ideas:

Navigation: simplify the main form by combining URL and location inputs and include a single clear button for ease of use. Highlight the price and rating filters to demonstrate our platform's advantages over competitors like Airbnb.

Enjoyment: Make it easy for users to be flexible with dates and locations with options like 'anywhere,' 'anytime,' country preferences, and a ± 10 days range. Build a community for travelers to share their experiences and insights about accommodation searching.

Accessibility: increase accessibility with a voice search feature.

Engagement: build trust by highlighting our free and transparent service. Improve accessibility by adding support for platforms like hotels.com, increase engagement with previews of popular articles on the main page, and enhance the user experience with a 'Favorites' feature.

Marketing: enhance SEO by optimizing code headings for improved search engine visibility. Explore potential collaborations with platforms like hoodmaps.com or nomadlist.com for mutual benefits.

( 04 ) Design solutions

We began with the flo that had most important functions and significant impacts on users – price comparison page.

Tidied up the whole page removed extra info and adjusted colors.

Enhanced accessibility by implementing a new calendar, updating all icons, addressing font issues, introducing primary and secondary buttons, and incorporating an FAQ section.

Improved consistency by creating a unified color palette, emphasizing accents that match the logo.

We improved user enjoyment by showcasing the best options and enhancing visuals with brighter pictures.



Then we redesigned the log in flow.

We improved the login process by simplifying form fields, optimizing error messages, and adding alternative authentication methods like login through Google and Facebook.

The next important flow was the listing verification.

We improved the process by simplifying the form fields, condensing the entire process into 5 easy steps, optimizing error messages, and adding progress indicators to guide users through each step.

We improved the mobile search flow, because a lot of our users prefer a mobile version.

We improved the mobile vacation rental search experience by designing seamless navigation and enhancing accessibility, providing users with a more efficient experience.

( 06 ) Get results

We increased user engagement by 46% and user accessibility, attributed to enhanced usability and streamlined navigation features.

More happy users every day – more hosts are listing their vacation rentals, and more travelers are using our website on a daily basis.

( 07 ) Consider next steps

My next steps involve conducting thorough market and user research to identify key competitors and market trends. Using this data, we aim to refine the website's features and functionalities to gain a competitive edge. Our focus will be on enhancing user experience and optimizing search algorithms for more accurate and efficient results.

Additionally, we aim to establish strategic partnerships with leading vacation rental providers to expand the platform's inventory and ensure users have access to a wide range of options. Through iterative design iterations and user feedback, I will continue to iterate and improve the website to meet the evolving needs of travelers and enhance their booking experience.

ShakaCode landing page design

ShakaCode landing page design